ACROMET's Dry Material Handling equipment such as our Bulk Bag unloading systems are renown in the industry.
These units are versatile and built for durability and performance. graceThe equipment is designed and manufactured in our Clayton, Victoria factory.
Bulk bag unloading have such a versatile use where large storage silos are excessive and small bags are increasingly becoming a handling issue.
grace cvThese units typically place a 1 - 2 tonne bulk bag onto a support dish with an opening to pull the bottom discharge spout through. The product then drops into a chamber / hopper where it can be conveyed either pneumatically or mechanically.

ACROMET have recently completed the manufacture and installation of three bulk bag unloading systems for our client.

The Bulk Bag unloading system installed varied from forklift operated to electric hoist operation, unique for the particular operation of each site. The systems provided our client with a means of improving productivity.

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