Acromet's new 1011 Micro Ingredients Dry Feeder provides accurate and repeatable delivery rates to as low as 50 grams/hr.

1_1011_feederThis in conjunction with Acromet's purpose built weigh platform can provide load platformance accuracies of +/- 1 gram.
The unit can be used for batching and continuous applications that require micro addition of dry material.
The unique features of the 1011 Dry Feeder is its ability to accurately control dry products that are very difficult to feed such as Sipemat, Salt and Flavouring.
The top agitation device in conjunction with the feed auger and product conditioning device, maintains positive and repeatable product flow rates regardless of the material flow characteristics.
The unit is available in stainless steel to an industrial or food grade finish.
Acromet welcomes the opportunity to trial products prior to any purchase commitments being made. Our purpose built testing facility allows us to safely determine the best feeder configuration to achieve optimal system performance.

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