When a major food manufacturer went looking for a Dry Material Feeder to feed powdered cheese they approached Acromet for a solution.

Typically, the cheese rat-holed and became a solid lump when left to sit, so the food manufacturer was doubtful if a feeder would be successful. It was therefore imperative for a trial be held.
1_1501x_feeder_01With Acromet's comprehensive test facility, a number of feeder models and auger designs were trialed and it was soon determined that the best feeder configuration was with our model 1501X Dry Material Feeder and a steep walled hopper.
The model 1501X utilizes Acromet's patented COAXOR gearbox with a concentric conditioning auger. The conditioning auger provides a large inlet to the feed auger to prevent bridging and also works to maintain a uniform bulk density, delivering a continuous and volumetric feed accuracy of between 0.5 to 1.0%.
With the initial trials successfully completed, the client was invited to Acromet's Clayton factory to witness further trials for themselves. This included feeding cheese that had been left to sit overnight.
Once again, the trials were successful.
After witnessing the trials and overwhelmingly filled with confidence, the client awarded Acromet with orders the same day.
The Dry Material Feeders were supplied with quick release feed-tube assemblies, CIP wash-down capability, IP66 motors and all stainless steel construction.
Acromet always welcomesthe opportunaty to trial products prior to any commitment being made, removing risk and doubt from the purchase.

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