Acromet’s cutting-edge design, diverse product lines and dedicated customer support has positioned us as an industry leader for 50 years.

Offering specialised solutions across a range of markets, Acromet produces ‘state of the art’ equipment for the process industries, potable water and waste water treatment, food, pharmaceutical, cooling towers, boiler treatment, plastics, agriculture, chemical, mining, mineral processes and pulp and paper.

Catering for gas, liquid, dry bulk materials and ‘packaged systems’, Acromet’s highly precise product range includes metering pumps, dry material feeders, chlorinators, sulphonators and process pumps.

Helping to meet the needs of our dynamic and expanding customers, we provide services in computerised design, manufacture, distribution, after-sales service and repair, project management, research and development, and technical support.

We are committed to the continued development of high performance products and customer support, enabling customers to find the right solution for their requirements. Every piece of equipment offers outstanding reliability, accuracy and ease of use, ensuring quality is never compromised.

Specialist Product Managers look after our comprehensive range of chemical feeding, special purpose metering and pumping equipment and ensure you receive first-class support services.

For many years, Acromet has also supplied metering pumps and dry material feeders to a range of companies in both South East Asia and the US. Our success in these markets has been driven by our development of product awareness and application knowledge to staff within these companies, ensuring the successful fulfilment of end-user requirements.