Acromet is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high quality chemical handling equipment and the only manufacturer of metering pumps in Australia. We have over 50 years experience in a range of sectors, successfully driven by product awareness, staff knowledge and quality customer service. Our service doesn’t just stop at equipment supply, at Acromet we will install, commission and train your operators in the safe and efficient handling of all machinery. We are a complete solutions provider that will meet your every need.

All of our clients benefit from our national distribution and support network. This extends throughout the Asia/Pacific and Oceanic regions and includes business partners in Thailand.

Customers can rest assured that no matter if they are locally or globally based, they are fully supported by a team who knows the product and has the ability to troubleshoot any problem that may arise. One of Acromet’s main strengths is the international support we offer. We provide several technical support programs across the Asia Pacific. These include:

  1.  Site Audit Program.
    This is a comprehensive program that encompasses site visits, asset recording and compliance assessment against relevant Australian Standards and OHS guidelines. This program may be conducted anywhere that has chemical handling equipment installed. The Site Audit Program may be conducted at multiple sites including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants and remote dosing and disinfection facilities. Once all necessary checks are complete, we produce a comprehensive, illustrated report with thorough recommendations, including preventative maintenance solutions.

  2. Preventative Maintenance Programs.
    Preventative Maintenance systems have many advantages. The biggest advantage is that correctly maintained equipment operates more efficiently leading to reductions in costly downtime and safer operations. Though site visits can be ordered at any time, our Preventative Maintenance visits can be programmed to coincide with plant shutdowns. This means the chance of costly breakdowns is minimised. Each piece of equipment has a service schedule assigned, however these schedules are flexible and can be customised to suit site requirements. The frequency of equipment maintenance is also taken into account and constantly reviewed. We aim for optimal safety and continuous operation in the most economic way.

  3. Service and repair facility.
    Specialist repairs are available for our extensive range of products and we are also happy to quote repairs for other equipment brands. These repairs can be conducted within our repair facility based in Clayton (Victoria) or on your work site. All repair works are conducted by industry experienced, factory trained tradespeople. That’s 50-plus years of experience right at your fingertips – regardless of what equipment or brands you use.

With unrivalled sales, manufacturing and engineering service staff across a multitude of fields, Acromet provides equipment, service and maintenance programs that give customers peace of mind, while assisting with cost conscious operations.

For more information about equipment or service programs, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.