With the Series I Acromet Chlorinator now superseded we are proud to introduce the all new range of Chlorinators, Gas Detectors and Auto valves. Built from industry leading materials and using advanced manufacturing techniques the Acromet Series II range provides state of the art control over your chlorine dosing requirements. With greater accuracy than ever before Acromet continues to lead the way in Chlorine dosing, monitoring and control.


Series II Auto Valves – Tough, adaptable and proven design

  • Wide variety of capacities 1.4 – 2000 PPD
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Tough molded and machined ABS construction
  • Industry proven design
  • Parts compatibility with Series 1


Series II Auto Valves – Intelligent design for smooth and precise operation

  • Rigid construction (precision machined and anodised, aluminium support to valve stem) HDPE valve stem with PTFE guide and seals ensure smooth and precise operation. Valve seat is Teflon
  • Locknut holds valve plug securely in place
  • Power and signal input/output in separate junction boxes. Removes any chance of signal noise to electronics or input/output signals. The electronics are fully sealed and do not need to be opened for installation by an electrician.


Gas Detectors – Fast detection for sulphur, ammonia and more

The most common use for a gas detector is for the safe monitoring of Chlorine Gas in applications such as Industry and Water Treatment (both Potable and Waste). This gas detector is known as the SLD Series Chlorine Gas Detector which has a fast detection response for warning of potential danger to personnel and the option of having an uninterrupted power supply for peace of mind also exists. This style of gas detector is not limited to only Chlorine but is also available for Sulphur, Ammonia and most other types of common gases.


Water Quality Analyzers – Advanced, user-friendly analyzers for any application

A simple and user-friendly amperometric, free chlorine residual analyser that is an immediate success with operators who recognise the need for advanced yet still easy to use water analysis. The WG-602 adapts to each sit’s unique needs by allowing any combination of measurements in a single system including: free Cl (amperometric), pH, temperature, turbidity, conductivity and flow. A complete, flexible solution to fit any application.

If you would like more information, or a recommendation for a process pump that suits your needs, please contact us.