With 15 years of manufacturing FIBC Dischargers, Acromet has designed and built the most hardy, long-lasting product on the market today. But what really stands out is our after-sales support – something that we are known for and continue to improve year-on-year.

Acromet has invested heavily in researching and developing the most superior FIBC Dischargers on the market, designed to enhance equipment safety. Through our development phase, we have taken into account the fact that your needs may be different to others on the market – and we have gone away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach for handling products transported in bulk bags.

Product Description

Designed for the safe handling of bulk bags (FIBC’s), Acromet Bulk Bag Unloaders comprise a support frame incorporating dedicated hoist or forklift lifting attachment with a wide range of Product Discharge aids including Bag massaging or vibrated trays to assist in the discharge of difficult to flow products. They can also integrate a dust extraction facility for operator safety and waste minimisation by returning product back into system.

Industries and Applications

Acromet bulk bag unloaders are designed to handle food, general and hazardous materials and being modular construction they can be easily adjusted to accommodate various bulk bag sizes should it be needed.

Bag unloaders can be built mobile to interface with various downstream equipment or coupled with Acromet’s flexible screw conveyors and Loss-in Weight feeders for accurate conveying of various products for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industries.

About the Design

The Australian designed and built FIBC Discharger utilises components locally available to enhance our full after-sales service and support. It is designed to withstand the greatest practical force applied to break the bridge in bags that are holding compacted materials that are difficult to flow.

Acromet has designed a special shape bag massager so that the corners are pressured by the weight of the bag. If necessary, by using vibratory motors acting in the vertical plane the massager will break most of the bridges that have formed in the FIBC and material will flow from the bag.

When it comes to the most difficult products, breaker bars are fitted so that they add extra lateral pressure to the side of the bag. This aids the breaking of the bridge horizontally, and when acting in conjunction with the other applied pressures, assists the flow of even the most stubborn products.

Design Options

The Discharger is of modular construction and starts with the basic discharge tray, which may include a hatch access module for spouted bags. There are many additional options such as a product flow interruption device to seal off a partially emptied bag and a bag opening knife for plain bottom bags combined with extended hopper capacity for high product throughput systems.

The system can incorporate a hoist or forklift system for bag loading. Further options include an integrated 10-25kg sack tip module for minor ingredients and an integrated dust collector with the facility to return product back to process to minimise waste.


  • Dust Suppression
  • Interrupting Product Flow
  • Slit Opening
  • Choice of Hoist or Forklift Handling
  • Weighing Load Cells

We now have an ‘economy’ model

As a result of our development program, ACROMET has decided to concentrate on customised FIBC designs tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs. This philosophy is different to the standard industry approach that offers ‘off-the-shelf’ systems with little consideration given to product nature, initial conditions and product behaviour after long shipping and storage terms. Nor do they give consideration to other specific circumstances such as atmospheric conditions.

That is why our product range begins with the ‘Economy’ model for easy flowing granular products and extends to difficult to discharge products. Our range includes models for single trip (slit opened), multi trip (bottom spout), plastic lined bags, hygienic discharge of food and dairy ingredients as well as some toxic products.

We can provide completely integrated systems combining dust suppression/collection, volumetric and gravimetric metering as well as various conveying systems for delivering products to storage, mixer or process.

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