For 50 years there has been one name synonymous with quality, accuracy and reliability in metering pumps, and that is Acromet. Proudly manufactured in Australia, every Acromet product in the 2000, 2500 and 3000 Series is the product of a leading edge technology in design and manufacture.

Our commitment to our own in-house R & D, patented designs, plus our precision manufacturing, has built the Acromet reputation for laboratory accuracy and industrial reliability.  From the very first stages of design and specification, right through to the delivery of each finished product, and our after-sales service, Acromet quality is never compromised.


The 2000 Series – Light duty

The 2000 Series from Acromet has a reputation for reliability in light industry. You will find the 2000 Series pumps metering fertilisers and nutrients for farming, in some of world’s largest commercial nurseries, as well as in water treatment plants for public utilities. Wherever competitive metering for lower pressure applications is required, the Acromet 2000 Series is the benchmark for reliability. The 2000 series is suitable for capacities from 1.3 L/Hr to 120 L/Hr at pressures up to 1200 kPa.


The 2500 Series – Medium to heavy duty

Acromet’s 2500 metering pumps are hard at work in a wide range of industries both in Australia and throughout the world. Large food manufacturers, dairies, abattoirs, textile mills, automative plants, and large municipal water authorities are just some of the industries relying on Acromet metering pumps.   The 2500 Series offers accuracy and durability for medium to heavy-duty applications at a very competitive price. The 2500 series is suitable for capacities from 1.3 L/Hr to 384 L/Hr (simplex models) at pressures up to 2000 kPa.


The 3000 Series – Heavy duty, accuracy, durability

Refineries...steel mills...mining... wherever heavy industry makes tough demands on metering pumps, you will find Acromet quality in action. The 3000 Series incorporates diaphragm and plunger type metering pumps.  The pumps can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials to suite a broad range of chemicals.

When accuracy is crucial and must be maintained over long periods of time, an Acromet 3000 Series metering pump delivers. The 3000 series is suitable for capacities from 1.3 L/Hr to 1242 L/Hr (simplex models) at pressures up to 2400 kPa for diaphragm models and 0.3L/hr to 184 L/Hr at pressures up to 140 MPa for plunger models. 

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