Acromet successfully launched the Acro-Smart® Diaphragm Metering Pump into the global market twelve months ago, and the Australian manufactured pump has since become an integral part of the Acromet portfolio of 2000, 2500 and 3000 series metering pumps. Since then, our engineers have developed the Acro-Smart® to accommodate for significantly greater capacity. Acromet has expanded the AcroSmart® range to support capacities of up to1000 litres per hour with a pressure range of up to 1500 kPag.

The Acro-Smart® continuous proportional metering pump has an impressive list of features to suit just about any application.
  • Automatic change-over of 4-20mA input to manual control
  • Manual digital capacity adjustment display in Litres/hour with 0.1 incremental adjustment
  • Automatic capacity control via external 4-20mA input and 4-20mA feedback signal
  • +/- 1% linearity and repeatability of capacity (better than the International Standard API 675)
  • IP66 motor and electronic enclosure
  • FDA approved motors (Optional)
  • Tri-clover pump connections (Optional)
  • Alarm condition reporting including
    • Low liquid level (Optional)
    • Motor monitoring conditions

Flexible placement and easy-to-use interface

A popular feature of the AcroSmart® is the Manual Digital Capacity Adjustment Unit. The industry has welcomed this feature with its easy to use touch pad and clear blue LED digital display in litres per hour. Previously this feature had been integrated locally at the pump, but can now be provided as a separate device that can be remotely mounted and controlled, allowing for flexibility and ease of use. 

For those who require flexibility of location, each unit can be mounted up to 15 metres away from the pumping unit in either single or multiple configurations to suit requirements. 

Acromet engineers are dedicated to continually assessing industry needs to provide solutions that meet your needs.

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