When handling various powder and granular products, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.
The Acromet Small Sack Emptier, also known as the Acromet Sack Tipper is a custom-designed product that addresses our clients’ specific needs. Acromet systems focus on product loss minimisation and safe materials handling through the ergonomic design of our equipment, which facilitates the containment of dust emission utilising dust-free powder handling and bag disposal. Typically emptying 40-60 bags per hour is achievable, dependent upon bag size, equipment layout and product characteristics.

Available options include:

• no spill bag opening
• fan assisted dust collection facility with return of collected product back into process
• built-in product sieve with removable screen
• integrated or stand-alone disposed bag compactor c/w consumable plastic storage for empty bags
• pallet lifter and safety pallet gate designed for elevated access platforms
• mobile units
• weighing load cells

Integrated systems:
We can also provide complete systems combining sack tipper, volumetric or gravimetric product discharge as well as various conveying systems for delivering products to storage, mixer or process.

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