Acromet’s new AV-S2 AutoValve is a highly sophisticated flow proportional control valve, for use wherever chlorine or sulfur dioxide is needed to treat varying water flow rates.
  • Can be factory-configured to operate in either flow proportional or step rate control mode.
  • Valve is always linear when dosage is set at 1:1, because unique "linearization" program in microcontroller compensates for tolerance differences in valve plugs, rotameters, component parts, etc.
  • Can be operated in the field four ways: fully automatic, electric/manual, and two (2) methods of manual.
  • Adjustable
    "Low flow" alarm circuit, consisting of an LED and a relay alerts operator to flow transmitter problems.

Digital displays indicate:
  • Flow rate: in actual numbers or as a percent of flow.
  • Valve plug'position in PPD - (Pounds Per Day) of actual gas feed rate.
  • Dosage value
  • Mode of operation: Automatic or Electric/Manual
  • Low Flow Alarm, in percent.

  • Rigid construction (precision machined and anodised, aluminium support to valve stem) HDPE valve stem with PTFE guide and seals ensure smooth and precise operation.
    Valve seat is Teflon
  • Locknut holds valve plug securely in place
  • Power and signal input/output in separate junction boxes. Removes any chance of signal noise to electronics or input / output signals. The electronics are fully sealed and do not need to be opened for installation by an electrician.
  • Display shows gas flow rate in grams per hour, kgs per hour or pounds per day. Operators get an accurate display of the current gas flow rate.
  • The valve can be calibrated to either 2,5,6,11 and 15 points.(Configurable in the menu) E.g. A 5 point calibration on a 1000 gram system will require the valve to be calibrated at 0,200,400,600,800,1000 grams.
  • During calibration the valve automatically drives to its last calibrated position and the operator only makes the adjustment, calibration is faster and easier to perform. The required flow rate is displayed which prevents any miscalculations.
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