Leak Detectors

The most common use for a gas detector is for the safe monitoring of Chlorine Gas in applications such as Industry and Water Treatment (both Potable and Waste). This gas detector is known as the SLD Series Chlorine Gas Detector which has a fast detection response for warning of potential danger to personnel and the option of having an uninterrupted power supply for peace of mind also exists. This style of gas detector is not limited to only Chlorine but is also available for Sulphur, Ammonia and most other types of common gases.

Model Number of Controllers Datasheets
SLD 1 1 Detector, 1 Sensor Download Datasheet
SLD 2 1 Detector, 2 Sensors Download Datasheet

Vacuum Alarms

A useful option for your gas chlorination system is a vacuum alarm switch that offers alarm on empty bottle / loss of vacuum / blocked ejector. Offering a RED digital display of vacuum with 2 x Latching relays allowing for external alarms/ signalling.

Model Number of Controllers Datasheets
VAS-3 Vacuum alarm switch with RED LED digital display to 0.1 mm / mercury,
2 x relay output 250VAC @ 5 Amp, latching relays for hi / lo.
Download Datasheet

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