WG-602 Amperometric Water Quality Analyser

A simple and user-friendly amperometric, free chlorine residual analyser that is an immediate success with operators who recognise the need for advanced yet still easy to use water analysis. The WG-602 adapts to each sit’s unique needs by allowing any combination of measurements in a single system including: free Cl (amperometric), pH, temperature, turbidity, conductivity and flow. A complete, flexible solution to fit any application.

WG-702 Colorimetric Water Quality Analyser

The WaterGuard WG-702 is the one analyser that will handle all your water analysis needs. With interchangeable sensors and a flexible, easy to use design, the WaterGuard colourimetric WG-702 provides the optimal solution for water quality.

Extremely accurate, WaterGuard functions well even in difficult water conditions such as: sewage water, sea water and water of high turbidity. The entire system, including electrodes, is protected against random water shut-off and automatically resumes operation without delay!

WG-702 can test up to 8 parameters and yes, you can track results online or with a cell phone!

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