Polymer Preparation

Acromet (Aust) Pty Ltd announces the release of a range of automatic plants, for the preparation of polyelectrolyte solutions. These products are used as particle agglomerates in water suspension and are typically supplied in two forms:
Powder: which requires homogenous mixing and aging or
Emulsion: concentrated liquid which requires dilution and aging

They have a wide range of applications in water treatment, both in clarification-flocculation primary phase and in mud dehydration final phase. They have also applications with powders suitable for food use, and in potable water treatment. Along with Polymer Preparation Systems, Acromet Batching systems can also be used for products such as lime, bentonite and powder activated carbon (PAC), where accurate dilutions are required.

Systems are available in stainless steel or polypropylene, offering excellent chemical resistance combined with a light weight and self-contained package.

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