Since 1962, Acromet has built a comprehensive range of metering technologies, providing a range of industries with outstanding service, through the Peristaltic B3-V and BH3-V Series. This range of metering pumps, associated controllers, sensors and accessories are world-class, and are employed in some of the toughest industrial applications including water treatment and hazardous waste management.

The Acromet B3-V Series peristaltic metering pumps are able to self-prime and run dry, making it a cost-effective system with the option for variable speed control and flow changes.  The BH3-V Series suits the OEM as it offers economical control of low flows and is extremely adaptable; designed to integrate into cabinets, panels and systems.

B3-V Series

Peristaltic metering pumps offer cost effective dosing into low pressure applications with the ability to self prime and run dry. IP65 Rated Peristaltic metering pumps with option of variable speed control and flow ranges.
Capacity: 0 - 6 l/hr
Discharge Pressures:3 Bar (rating given at 1 l/hr capacity)

A selection of tubing is available offering excellent chemical compatibility to both acids and alkalis.

Ideally suited to low pressure applications such as: Cooling tower dosing and pool control.
B3-V Series-Peristaltic-Pump

BH3-V Series

This peristaltic suits the OEM as it offers economical control of low flows and is designed to be incorporated into cabinets / panels / systems.
Ideal suit: Odour control
BH3-V Series-Peristaltic-Pump

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