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A New Standard in Chemical Metering

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Australia’s first true smart electronic motor driven range of metering pumps. Acro-Smart the continuous proportional metering pump with an impressive list of features to suit just about any application.
  • Manual digital capacity adjustment display in Litres/hour with 0.0 adjustment increments
  • 4-20mA feedback of manual adjustment
  • Automatic capacity control via external 4-20mA input and 4-20mA feedback signal
  • +/- 1% linearity and repeatability of capacity (better than API 675)
  • IP66 motor and electronic enclosure
  • FDA approved motors (Optional)
  • Tri-clover pump connections (Optional)
  • Alarm condition reporting such as
    • Low liquid level (Optional)
    • Inbuilt overpressure alarm (Optional)
    • Flow/no flow alarm (Optional)
    • Motor monitoring conditions

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