For more than 45 years Acromet has been specialising in metering pumps of the highest quality, accuracy and reliability. Our range of metering pumps is the most comprehensive available in the market place and includes our Australian designed and manufactured 2000, 2500 and 3000 Series of Diaphragm and Plunger metering pumps.

Acromet products are used in some of the toughest industrial applications from general industry to water treatment to petrochemical installations. Wherever an environment demands outstanding performance and equipment durability, Acromet metering pumps are applied.

The pump range offers a wide product program including diaphragm and plunger types which are mechanical and hydraulically actuated. All our products are manufactured to laboratory precision and industrial reliability.

Acromet’s metering pumps are available in a wide range of materials to meet the requirements for any chemical application. Acromet also offers metering pumps with different options for capacity adjustment, including manual micrometer, electric or pneumatic stroke length or variable speed control.



The 2000 Series metering pumps has a reputation for reliability in light industry. You will find them in applications such as Fertiliser and Nutrient injection for farming and large commercial nurseries, as well as in water treatment plants.
Capacity: 1.3 to 120 l/hr
Discharge Pressures: up to 1200 kPa


Acromet’s 2500 metering pumps are hard at work in a wide range of industries throughout the world. Large food manufacturers, dairies, abattoirs, wineries and municipal water authorities are just some of the industries that rely on our pumps.
Capacity:1.3 to 384 l/hr
(Simplex models) Duplex / Triplex also available.
Discharge Pressures: up to 2000 kPa


Refineries, Steel Mills and large Chemical Plants…wherever heavy industry makes tough demands you’ll find Acromet quality in action. The 3000 Series incorporates both diaphragm and plunger type metering pumps where accuracy is crucial and must be maintained over long periods of time.



The 4000 Series Diaphragm (Model MD) and Plunger (Model RCC) metering pumps offer the advantage of a compact, cost effective and lightweight design to suit a wide range of applications that include Irrigation, Fertilisers, Food Additives, Textile, Wineries and many more.
Diaphragm type
Capacity:1.0 to 520 l/hr
(Simplex models) Multiplex units available.
Discharge Pressures: up to 1200 kPa

Plunger type

Capacity:0.8 to 300 l/hr
(Simplex models) Multiplex units available.
Discharge Pressures:up to 4,000 kPa


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