For almost 50 years, Acromet has leaded the metering industry with their Process Pump range.  The Canned Motor Pumps series combines special alloy, canned motor, magnetic drive and non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Acromet produces application specific equipment including high pressure pumps, precision gear pumps and hydro-dynamically sealed pumps. Packaged skid systems with drive, instrumentation and control systems are also available.

The Sealless Canned Motor Pumps, also referred to as the Halla Range, are leak and explosion proof due to the absence of mechanical shaft seals that degrade and leak during operation.  This system houses the motor and the pump mechanism compactly, making it half the size of regular pumps.  Due to its compact size, significant savings can be found in the installation of this model.

Sealless Canned Motor Pumps require little maintenance and can be repaired by relatively unskilled labour, making it a popular Acromet product that transfers ammonia, hot oil and boiling water; practically any liquid that requires a sealless pump.



Halla Range

Sealless Canned Motor Pumps are leak proof and explosion proof because the shaft is located completely inside the pump and there are no mechanical shaft seals that can degrade and leak during operation. Since Sealless Canned Motor Pumps integrate the motor and pump in one housing, the size is very compact, often half that of other pumps. Savings in both installation costs and floor space are achievable with these units.

Sealless Canned Motor Pumps require very little maintenance. Simply change the bearing during annual maintenance checks or when the bearing monitor indicates. These units are easily maintained with relatively unskilled labour. Because these units have no motor fans or ball bearings, and the shaft is completely enclosed, Sealless Canned Motor Pumps have a very low noise output below 60dBA and very little vibration.

Applications: Ammonia, Cryogenic liquids, hot water, hot oil, and many other processes where leakage through seals is unacceptable.

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