Acromet is the leading Australian distributor of Process Pumps, offering cutting-edge technology unparalleled in the metering industry.

The Sump-Gard pump is engineered for the transfer and treatment of plant effluents, process fluids and industrial or municipal water and waste streams.  The Sump-Gard can treat fluids and solids with its large 3 inch (75mm) diameter head.  The Chem-Guard pump is designed to handle corrosive and aggressive fluids through its heavy-duty and rugged horizontal centrifugal design.

The Flex-i-liner is a sealless and self-priming pump that affords the ability of being able to operate in either direction, in wet or dry conditions.  The Flex-i-liner is engineered to transfer caustics, solvents, salts and other ultrapure chemicals in a safe and efficient manner.



Sump-Gard pumps are ideal for the transfer and treatment of process fluids, plant effluents and industrial or municipal water and waste streams. They are available with vortex pump heads to pass sludges, slurries and stringy materials as well as fluids with solids to 3 inches (75 mm) in diameter.


Chem-Gard pumps are heavy-duty and rugged horizontal centrifugal pumps. They are designed, engineered and constructed to handle corrosive, abrasive and other aggressive fluids, as well as those liquids which must remain free of metallic contamination.

Chem-Gard pumps are available in a wide selection of thermoplastics and in ANSI/DIN, self-priming, close coupled and integral pump/shaft motor designs.


Flex-i-liner pumps are peristaltic type rotary pumps, for the transfer of caustics, solvents, salts, chlorides and ultrapure chemicals and slurries containing soft solids and abrasives. These sealless, self-priming pumps operate in either direction, wet or dry, in any position. Their unique design eliminates shaft seals, stuffing boxes and other potential sources of leakage. Only two non-metallic parts contact fluids – the rugged body block and durable elastomeric flexible liner.


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